Masindi, Uganda


Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 3 days
Maximum number of people: 60
Location: Murchison Falls National Park
Departure date:
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You are booking for 3 Days Murchison Falls NP


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Every Friday we have a departure! Ideal for a long weekend of adventure. If you have your own group or a romantic getaway for 2 then you can choose your own departure date. Watch the endangered white rhino in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and arrive in the afternoon in our Nature Lodges accommodation Fort Murchison just outside Murchison Falls National Park. Have a cool drink, watch river Nile flowing by on her long journey to the Mediterranean see and listen to the sounds of the African night. Have a boat trip to the mighty Murchison Falls and watch numerous mammals, lots of birds and very large Nile crocodiles. Don’t forget to scan the rocks near the falls for rock pratincoles. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Uganda’s largest savannah park and see lots of Ugandan kobs, bush elephants and the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe. Maybe you will have a glance of the elusive shoebill, a mixture of a stork and a pelican, when visiting the large papyrus swamps near the Nile delta.
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