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Are you looking for a scenic destination in Uganda with endless adventure teeming with primate trekking within East Africa? Do you want to get reasonable comfort while staying close to nature within Uganda the Pearl of Africa? If yes, then look no further Gorilla Walker Uganda, a well established and trusted tour company in Uganda has been offering the real Gorilla Walking safari experiences. With our extensive knowledge and experience, rest assured that we will give you the Great Uganda National Parks   experience for your lives.

We specialize in providing tailor-made and personalized Uganda Gorillas and Chimpanzees, which boasts the highest wildlife concentration throughout Africa. All of our tour packages options are bespoke to suit our client’s requirements.

What Makes Our Gorilla Walker Uganda Different?

  • Customized itineraries including the Uganda Gorillas and Chimpanzees, Uganda Gorillas and Volcanoes and the Great Uganda National Parks, specialized Gorilla Walkers to explore the Uganda the Pearl of Africa.
  • Luxury, high standard accommodation facilities in beach resorts, deluxe hotels, camps and lodges to access the peace and serenity of nature.
  • An Elite fleet of 4-wheel drive stretched (4×4) Land Cruisers, Executive 25 Seater Shuttles, 4WD Safari Minibus and Overland Truck to ensure the maximum adventure and wildlife viewing.
  • Availability of well-trained linguistic chauffeurs and guides well-versed with the African flora and fauna and having the imperative knowledge on Ugandan history, culture and history.

From your first call to the moment of your return back home, we strive to offer you the best possible experiences and exceed all your expectations. Let us show you the wonderful land of the African continent!


Our Scheduled Tours;

We offer several tour schedules that consider the general interest and desires of our clients. Scheduled tour packages are so affordable and are done in a 4×4 safari Land cruisers or open roof minibus with fellow tourists, Taking chimpanzee tracking, a mountain gorilla trek or wildlife safari in any national game park,

Our safaris cover the most famous tourist sites like, popular national parks, cultural sites, game reserves plus other attractions countrywide. Gorilla Walkers Uganda guides are user friendly, all the booked accommodation for the safari is extremely good ranging from 3 to 4 star hotels alternatively safari lodges are available.

Please use the inquiry form given on the Contact Us page to post us your specific requirements. We will bring back to you a tailor-made tour proposal within 24 hrs. of receiving the inquiry.

Our objective is to make sure that you have the most fabulous Uganda holiday possible whether Agricultural Tours, gorilla trekking, hiking, just sightseeing or walking. We think it should be the most excellent holiday it can possibly.


Uganda‘s favorable soil conditions and climate have contributed to the country’s agricultural success. Most areas of Uganda have usually received plenty of rain. In some years, small areas of the southeast and southwest have averaged more than 150 millimeters per month. In the north, there is often a short dry season in December and January. Temperatures vary only a few degrees above or below 20 °C but are moderated by differences in altitude.

We offer several Agricultural study tour schedules in different fields of interest by our customers to the big farms in Uganda like coffee farms, Banana Planting, Animal husbandry, Bio Gas and many more.